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Why Choose Grand Garages?

Grand Garages is the go to installer for Southeast Georgia’s Elite Crete Systems distributor.    

We’ve installed flooring for some of the biggest commercial names in Savannah.  You can find our work in local restaurants like Susan Mason Catering and Sorry Charlies in Downtown on Ellis Square and hotels on River Street like the new JW Marriott.

We’ve installed floors in several of Savannah’s municipal buildings. 

I bet you’ve already seen our work around Savannah.

    Susan Mason Catering

    Elite Crete Systems HERMETIC™ Flake Floor. Durable, seamless, and chemical resistant floor. Flakes are imbedded and fused between product layers providing an appealing look and increase slip resistance.

    • susan mason catering before
    • susan mason catering grinding
    • susan mason catering after 3
    • susan mason catering before 2
    • susan mason catering kitchen after 1
    • susan mason catering kitchen after 2

    13 Secrets

    Elite Crete Systems REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Floor. Engineered for commercial applications when floors need to be durable, long-lasting, aesthetically unique, and easy to maintain. 

    • grand garages jw marriott
    • 13 secrets grinding 2
    • 13 secrets grinding
    • 13 secrets after 1
    • 13 secrets after 2
    • 13 secrets after 3
    • 13 secrets after 4

    Jepson Center Telfair Museum

    Elite Crete Systems HERMETIC™ Quartz Floor. Decorative colored quartz aggregate and sealed with a protective top coat. This extremely durable and slip and abrasion resistance

    • jepson center before 1
    • jepson center before 2
    • jepson center after 1
    • jepson center after 2
    • jepson center hallway after 2
    • jepson center hallway after
    • jepson center loading after
    • jepson center stairs after

    Savannah Tree Foundation

    Elite Crete Systems HERMETIC™ Flake Floor.  This aesthetic floor includes multi-colored vinyl flakes (size options available) imbedded and fused between product layers.

    • savannah tree foundation before 2
    • savannah tree foundation before 3
    • savannah tree foundation before 1
    • savannah tree foundation after 1
    • savannah tree foundation after 2
    • savannah tree foundation after 3
    • savannah tree foundation after 4

    Elsa Jon Vidal

    Elite Crete Systems REFLECTOR™ Enhancer application applied to a custom workbench. We can inlay a company logo or a favorite sports team logo into the designs of any surface. 

    • 1D9BD762-158C-4C58-9F89-269E94975B19
    • 211E2C3F-16F7-41F4-9637-AC8709BA14FA
    • 26504AA8-BF42-48FC-B5E6-8AE378D967B2

    Sorry Charlie’s

    Elite Crete Systems HERMETIC™ Quartz Floor.  Extremely durable with increased slip and abrasion resistance, making this floor one of the most commonly installed systems.

    • sorry charlies after 1
    • sorry charlies after 2
    • sorry charlies after 3
    • sorry charlies after 4
    • sorry charlies after 5
    • sorry charlies after 6
    • sorry charlies after 7
    • sorry charlies after 8

    Client Testimonials

    Regan was great to work with in all respects. He started when he said he would; showed up as scheduled; finished efficiently; and the end result was a wonderful transformation of a very ordinary and cluttered garage. I’m a happy camper.

    Robert G.

    Grand Garages installed flooring in our garage and on our back porch. They did a great job…always making sure quality and attention were part of the work.

    Thanks Regan and your team!

    Sheryl C.

    The floors are stunning.

    Thank you for installing them so perfectly!

    Manu, 13 Secrets

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